Thursday, March 30, 2006

Dear All,

I am writing to get a better sense of the current permitting picture. I presume Streamline is heading forth with their own permitting process with the County. But I need to know where everyone is. I just had a discussion with Brian Park at the County DPW and he said that entities permitted to go into the channel will need to show the County how they will be liable for losses —this includes the non-profits like Heal the Bay and SCMI, as well as school representatives and students. I am about to start getting permission for various entities to go in the Creek, but before I do, I need to know the following:

  • Will Heal the Bay have it all taken care of on their own?
  • Does anyone not want me to try to coordinate this (am I getting in the way)?

I’m sure everybody is already really familiar with this situation, but for clarity and for a sense of unified movement, please respond and give us a status report here. Click below to leave a comment. If you don't want to log in, select "other" as your identity. This allows you to just leave a comment a go without logging in.